Monday, January 19, 2009

Week One reflection

Yesterday, Sunday, marked the end of the first week of Enhancing Lessons with Web 2.0. Everything has gone very well! We have 100 people signed up but of course many of them are not active; either they are lurking, or they just signed up and changed their minds; it's hard to tell. Many people overestimate their ability to follow an EVO session and sign up for several. Unless you have nothing else to do in your life, this is inadvisable! Anyway, I have really enjoyed the interactions I have had so far with our participants on the Yahoo Group,at Tapped In, in our live session at Elluminate on Saturday, on our blog and on our wiki. Robert also created a page at Netvibes where all of these things come conveniently together. This is my first exposure to Netvibes and it seems worthy of investigation.

Today we begin Week 2, Blogs: A Home Base for Web 2.0 Lessons.


At 8:54 PM , Blogger Teacher Kelly said...

Hello Nina,
I am kelly from Brazil.
I found your blog super interactive. I had the sensation that you are next to me and we are having a conversation. I also enjoyed reading the posts and having the links whenever I need to access our wiki or whatever I need.
I am trying not to be lurking but really doing the activities.
I loved the game with the name to start every answer. It inspired me to do the same activity in my classes.
Let`s keep blogging and learning.


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