Sunday, February 24, 2008

Graduation Day #3

This is graduation day for BaW08, which I have been participating in, in a limited way; being busy at work, I kept up with the digests, participated in several of the synchronous sessions and have plans to listen to the recordings of the others if I haven't already, explored a few new tools, have tried out Chinswing with students, and of course met many lovely new webheads.

Webhead Ibrahimjon Rustamov in Tajikistan created a badge in honor of the graduating webheads.

It's now time to look forward to TESOL in New York and reunions with friends I met last year in Seattle (Tere, Daf, Moira, Rita--who's to be my roommate!--Vance, Aiden, and others) as well as first f2f encounters with Mike Coughlan and Ronaldo Lima, who are attending from Australia and Brazil! We'll be blogging together at WiA in New York.


At 12:46 PM , Blogger Keith said...

Than k you for the encouragement. I was online when your comment came in. I still have a long ways to goi before I start teaching. I am blessed that other people are imbued with the same enthusiasm.


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