Monday, January 14, 2008


It's January, so it's time for EV Online. I should be focusing all my attention on the self-study we are engaged in at my institute, but I found myself unable to stay away from Becoming a Webhead. This is partly because the camaraderie is unmatched after the session concludes, and partly because although I have been a participant for two years, I have never felt like I learned everything there was to learn. Last year, as a co-moderator and a "thread lady", I actually devoted very little time to exploring new tools. Just keeping up with the Yahoo Group is overwhelming as the number of participants soars (it's already about 200, counting the mods, co-mods and others) and the daily digests of up to 25 posts each begin to pour in. So I have set my goals for the session:
1. Read the YG posts, but don't post often,
2. Focus on trying out the tools I haven't used yet,
3. Try to attend the synchronous sessions, but
4. Don't try to complete the readings (most of which I have already read in 06 or 07) or participate in the Forum.

And here I am, posting to my blog, which is not a new tool. I've also been adding lots of contacts on YM and Skype, and have already chatted with a few of the new members.

I guess the upshot is that I will do what I will do!
Me with my students from last semester


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