Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Learning Goes On...

This year, unlike last year, I made it to the BaW graduation party. (Last year, I went Greek dancing the night before and overslept!) Things were not totally smooth, however--I tried to click on something in Tere's wonderful graduation page and my old overloaded computer could not handle it. It crashed and I got kicked out of Alado. What was worse, when I tried to reenter, I couldn't because the room was full! I sat here, chatting with Leanne in YM and trying to master my disappointment. Eventually, somebody left and I was able to reenter the room. I didn't miss too much and of course, everything was being recorded so I can listen later. Anyway, it was lovely. I had a great time. It's a warm, cozy feeling knowing I was interacting with friends all over the world!

When I finally looked up from my screen, I saw that it is snowing--big, beautiful fat flakes already covering the ground!

I will take a short screenbreak and then attend the EVO wrapup session at Worldbridges and then, at 1:00, the B4B wrapup party. What a day!


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