Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Venturing into Podcasting with Odeo

One of my goals is to learn podcasting. My f2f webhead buddy, Maryanne Burgos, has the same ambition, so this morning we are sitting in Maryanne's kitchen in Germantown MD, experimenting. Here's the result:

powered by ODEO


At 4:15 AM , Blogger zahralangaroodi said...

Dear nina!
you have read my firend's comment about Hijab avd leave a comment for her.
i am that kind of girls who wear hijab all the time . espesially that kind called chador . i go mountain- claiming, do sport , go university and work . i do not have any problem with it and it does not limit me at all. it is hard to wear it in summer but when you beilive on sth and you know the reason of it ; is not difficult to do it . in Islam there are reasons for it and moreovere we do it for God sake .
good wisheshe
hope to hear of you more...


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