Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mentoring: A New Experience

I know, I know, it isn't time for EVO 2013 yet, so why am I posting here? Well, after seven years as a participant or co-moderator, this year I have signed up to help as part of the coordinating team (gulp). Tomorrow the moderators' training session begins. This is a 4-week session designed to help both new and old mods to get ready to present their sessions in January/February. So theoretically, I have already been through this as a co-moderator. But actually, the first time I co-moderated (Enhancing Lessons with Web 2.0, 2009) I came on board in the middle of the training session, and I never managed to catch up properly. So the next time I co-moderated (Multiliteracies, 2012), I vowed to start on time and do every activity. But again, I wasn't able to keep up and never felt that I had well and truly finished. So what qualifies me to be a member of the coordinating team, mentoring the moderators of the podcasting session I participated in in 2011?

A very good question.

To be continued...


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