Thursday, December 14, 2006

Switching to the new Blogger

I decided to try putting a Bloglines button on the sidebar here (not that anyone still reads this blog! but just to try it out), and was invited to switch over to the "new" Blogger, which seems to have merged with Google. What the heck! I went ahead and did it. I like the new dashboard; it seems a little easier. I was startled to find unapproved comments on two of my inactive blogs. I never got emails on those comments; I guess I hadn't set up those blogs that way. So the new Blogger has already helped me out.

I love my Bloglines account, BTW. It's so easy and convenient!

I registered for You-Tube tonight also, and tried uploading my little soundless video of the UM marching band, taken with MEI's digital camera at the UM/FIU game. I haven't yet seen if it worked or not.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Vance to the rescue again! This morning he showed me how to create a Bloglines account ( which I can check to see at a glance if any of the many student (and other) blogs I monitor occasionally have a new post. I can stop trying each blog individually only to find nothing new for 6 months. Thanks, Vance!

The Vanishing Blog Repaired

Subtitle to this post: Webheads are Wonderful (WaW).

I took my sad story of the vanishing blog to last week's webheads chat at Tapped In. Vance Stevens had the solution: change the template. He cautioned me to save my old template in Notepad first because changing the template would lose all my links and any other changes I had made. It worked like a charm! The blog is back online, visible to all.

Although I did not see any other posts regarding this problem in the Blogger Help group, it may not be so rare. I noticed this morning that one of my students' blogs is a blank white page--just as mine was last week. I hope she follows my advice and fixes it.