Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creating a wiki

I am branching out. Today I made it (late) to the Blogstreams Salon chat at Tapped In, but they were chatting about wikis and not blogs. I have wanted to learn about wikis ever since BaW06 when I didn't have the time to explore the topic, so after the chat I visited and, took a couple of tours, and then went ahead and took the plunge: I created my ExperimentalWiki at Then I fooled around with it a little bit but was pretty unsuccessful.

Well, my first halting blogsteps were pretty lame, too.

On another note: AGU in America (program and blog project) was a roaring success! The blog is now linked to the main MEI website and also to the website of Aoyama Gakuin University!

During the program, I got quite proficient at making Bubbleshare albums and posting them on Blogger.


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