Sunday, May 24, 2009

Striking a Balance

Thanks for coming to join the conversation, and welcome!

I'd like to spend the first part of the discussion letting people vent about the difficulties of including everything they want and need to do in their busy lives. Webheads don't complain much, so here's your chance! (20h00 gmt)

After we've all let off a little steam, I'd like to brainstorm some strategies for keeping our priorities straight. (20h20/25m gmt)

If you haven't yet completed the survey, please do it during or after the session! After may be better, as I'd like thoughtful responses. :-) I will share the preliminary results at the end of the session (20h45m gmt).


Learning the Ropes in Second Life

When I created my avatar, Nina Zaytsev, back in January, I visited SL a few times but rarely interacted with anyone there. I found I was even more reluctant to approach strangers in SL than in RL. Once, I attended a "coffee with Dennis Newsome" hosted by (oops--I can't remember). This was better! But I did not really get going until I took advantage of a Sloan Consortium workshop, "Getting Started in Second Life," in May. This was an excellent workshop facilitated by Bethany Bovard (Naiad Remblai), Katie Fife Shuster (Kella Fargis), and Joanna Tong (Jananajo Swindlehurst), who introduced us to some really useful video tuorials by in YouTube. There is SO much information in those tutorials! I started collecting them in a folder but I have barely scratched the surface of what there is to learn. We also had three in-world synchronous meetings: a "meet-and-greet", a basic skills practice session and an exciting tour where we visited the Magic Bakery and rode horses in Mexico! The next day, WiAOC2009 began, providing me with myriad opportunities to practice the skills I had learned in the workshop and to learn some new skills as well (and fail spectacularly at a few). I am going on learning!

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